Geoff Scott, Principal


Geoff Scott is a leader, entrepreneur, engineer, and builder of teams, products, and companies across multiple industries. 

As founder and CEO of Hackerati, Geoff worked with clients ranging from idea-stage startups to the Fortune 500, impacting the full product value stream, from strategy and design, to engineering and operations. His personal clients included companies like Viacom, Huffington Post, Narrativ, and Kepler Group. Before founding Hackerati, he served in executive roles at DoubleClick, CBS, Donnelley Marketing, and The Princeton Review; and he started his first company, an Internet Service Provider called The Internet Connection, in 1994, where he developed some of the earliest Web-based CRM, content management, and commerce applications for clients like Apple, Attachmate, IDG Books, Plantronics, Informix, The Santa Cruz Operation, and UniDirect.

Geoff is passionate about growing purposeful companies and improving diversity in business.